how to clear storage space on android


how to clear storage space on android

for android operating system to run well it requires sufficient storage may have encountered some unnecessary flaws on your android like phone hanging ,phone restarting,unfortunately phone stopped ,unable to receive files common errors you will experience if your android phone is out of storage.
You may not know this? 70% of your phone & SD card storage are taken by trash and junk files.

Junk files are created on your android device when installing new applications. Junk files can equally be considered as hidden file because it creates folder inside your storage that you can't see unless you need third party application.
Some of these junk files are virus.
Let's look into on how to clear storage space on android .
  • file manager

If you want to delete junk files permanently from your android phone you may need third party application like x-plore ,file manager apps or Es explorer
we use es explorer as tutorial open your es explorer app click on navigation button scroll down to show hidden files,turn it on now head to your storage dashboard,this time you will be able to see all your hidden files and folders delete the ones you don't want to keep and leave the ones you still want to keep.
You can still delete junk files using file manager like esxplorer click on navigation button scroll down to clear all junk files .

Another effective method on how to clear storage space on android

  • storage

Goto your phone android setting,locate storage clear cached data.
NOTE: TO FREE UP more space you need to delete installed applications you re not using ,delete images and videos you don't need anymore ,use esxplorer analyze your device storage delete all detected junk files and files.if you love our tutorial please leave your comment.

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